Will I have a hard time talking when I have aligners?

The last time I went to my dentist, she told me that I have a deep overbite. One of the options she told me to treat this overbite is to have braces or aligners. I am more inclined to having aligners than braces. My only concern is if it affects the way I talk. Will aligners cause speech difficulties? We are now doing online classes and I wouldn’t want my students to have a hard time understanding my lessons.

Most patients didn’t have any speech difficulty when they had their aligners. Though some took some time adjusting on their first set of aligners.

Some people have a lisp on the first days or first week of wearing their aligners. It’s only temporary so after a period of adjustment, there will be no problems with your speech.

When my friend had her aligners, I noticed a lisp only on the first 5 days of her wearing it.

Just like having braces, it takes a few days to adjust in taking comfortably with something in your mouth. Your speech will go back to normal once you adjust. The first week is usually the hardest.

Most people would be adjusted to wearing the aligners after a day. By the next day, you wouldn’t even notice a difference in the way you talk.

You’ll only notice a difference in the way you talk on the first 2 to 3 days of wearing it. After that, it will be easier for you.

You should get your aligners a week before the start of your online classes so you would have time to adjust. In my experience, I had a hard time talking for a week because every movement of my jaw was uncomfortable for me.

Do you already have your aligners? You can update us on how you’re adjusting so people can also get an idea from your experience.

Don’t think too much about how you talk because usually, people get too self-conscious even though nothing changed with the way they talk.

The first two days were hard for me because of the pain. I didn’t talk much those days because my teeth were sore whenever my teeth touch.

Yeah, it really depends on how crowded your teeth are. The more crooked it is, the more painful it is because it will be harder to move your teeth. Also, people have different levels of pain tolerance.

True story! It was hard for me to talk at first because of the pain when my opposing teeth touches. On the other hand, my girlfriend had braces before and she also experienced the pain when she talks because her teeth are touching. The point is, whichever treatment option you chose - may it be aligner, Invisalign, or braces, it will be painful. :sweat_smile:

Having your teeth straightened needs lots of sacrifices:sweat_smile:

Thanks everyone for the response. Just for any update, I had a lisp for a week. :sweat_smile: As you can tell, I had a hard time adjusting.

I hope your students still understood you when you had your lessons. :smile:

Good to know you already had your aligners and you already adjusted to it. :grinning:

Smiling was also very painful so I had a poker face for a week or two because I couldn’t smile or talk.

I feel you. Sometimes I forget the pain when I’m with my friends. When they make me laugh, it will suddenly hurt haha