Why should I choose aligners?

Braces have been more popular when it comes to straightening teeth. I only heard about aligners recently. So why should I choose aligners over braces? My mom told me to just get aligners but most of my friends had braces and they all had great results. So I’m kinda having a hard time deciding now.

Like braces, aligners can also correct position of your teeth to make it look straight but with aligners you don’t have the brackets that are cemented on youra teeth so you don’t have to worry about what you eat. That’s just one reason why people prefer aligners. For teenagers it is a great choice because they can clean their tooth more thoroughly.

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Both aligners and braces do the work. You need to know if you prefer having it not seen and being able to remove it when you want to or brackets cemented on your teeth.

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Aligners are practically invisible in your mouth. Most people get conscious of smiling when they have metal braces that’s why aligners are getting popular lately.

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There are some similarities between braces and aligners, but there are probably more differences.

First is aligners are made from see-through plastic which makes them virtually invisible to other people, unless they are looking up close at your teeth. As you know, metal braces can be seen even from afar. There are ceramic brackets as an alternative but I noticed that it is still quite noticeable because of the wire used that is sometimes still metal.

Second difference is the convenience of having aligners. You can remove them whenever necessary, like when you are eating, drinking or brushing. Because you can remove them, it will be easier for you to clean your teeth and there will be less plaque formation or cavity that can be formed when teeth aren’t brush properly. In contrast, traditional braces can’t be removed as the brackets are cemented into your teeth.

Third difference is the treatment length. The aligner process is usually shorter than the usual treatment time for traditional braces.


The deciding factor for me why I chose aligners is because it is virtually invisible unless the person you are speaking to is too close. I get self-conscious when people look at my teeth so I thought having metal brackets would make them stare at my teeth more.

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You should weigh all the pros and cons of both treatment options. Research everything before deciding because you’re gonna have it for quite a time.

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My wife chose aligners because she dreads having metal brackets seen from afar. She wants to have her teeth straightened without people knowing that she’s having them fixed.

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It mainly would depend on what would you like to fix with your teeth. Go to a dental clinic to be evaluated by a professional.

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If I may ask, what is your chief complaint with your teeth? I’m asking because the best option for you depends on your teeth problem.

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It’s okay for me to have metal brackets. I just really want my teeth to be fixed.

Thank you for this. great info :grinning:

My upper canines are higher compared to my other teeth. They were the last to erupt and they didn’t have enough space so it erupted kind of in front of my laterals and premolars.

That makes your case a hard one. Pulling down the canines take time.

Having higher canines makes it a hard case. Your dentist would evaluate based on your teeth and x-rays if there’s enough space for your canine to erupt. Invisalign would be the better option for you or braces.

Oh, I see. I didn’t have a set of x-rays done on me yet.

Do you know if there are cases done like mine with aligners treatment?

Personally, my sister had high canines. Though she chose braces because our dentist said it will be hard to pull it with aligners.

I’m sorry, I don’t know anyone who had aligners with high canines. I only read about the different experiences of people on other forums.

My sister first had her high canines pulled down by braces. And after it got pulled down, she switched to clear aligners because she wanted to have invisible braces.

I saw some reviews of some users with high canine and they had aligners. They saw great results with their case. :grinning: