Which aligner company is best for crowded teeth?

I’m thinking of getting some aligners this year and I’ve got slightly crowded teeth at the top and bottom. Is there a company that anyone recommends that would be best for this? or are they all mostly the same?

Also - is it always 6 months treatment time or can it be longer/shorter?



Hey Jack,

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To answer your question, all companies that offer clear aligner treatments will always provide top and bottom aligners whether this is for crowding, gapping or any other issues. This is because the mouth should be treated as a ‘whole’ not separate top/bottom teeth.

Yes - it’s typically 6 months + 2 weeks retainer. And then you only need to wear your retainer at night so that your teeth stay in place. There are treatments which could take a bit longer like SDC’s night time aligners (10 months) and sometimes if you need refinements after the initial 6 months, this can add on a little bit of time.

Let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


Ah okay I understand - thanks for your reply!


You’re very welcome. Pop back if you have any other questions! :sunglasses:

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Op - Did you try clear aligners in the end?


Sorry to hijack your thread but I’m in the same situation with crowded top teeth! Was hoping I could just do top, as don’t like the thought of having a mouth full of plastic but doesn’t seem like you can.


You can’t just do one you have to do both

Do you have a recommendation on which provider offers the best for crowding?

Are retainers worn only for 2 weeks? Wouldn’t that cause teeth to shift back to its original position? I’m just asking because I know someone who wore his retainers for 1 month only and he started noticing his teeth shifting back when he didn’t wear his retainers. When he tried to wear them again, they don’t fit anymore. He told me he’s thinking of having another treatment to straighten his teeth.

All companies are mostly the same. All of them can fix your slightly crooked teeth. And I think 6 months is the fastest treatment time. It depends on your case. Others have it for more than a year because they have a more difficult case.

I believe all aligners fix crowded teeth. That’s the main goal of aligners and braces.

I looked into every provider of aligners that I can find and as far as I understand, aligners are more meant for minor problems. If you have a difficult case, with problems on your bite and alignment, I would recommend you to look into Invisalign.

I don’t think there is a “best” choice for crowded teeth. It would totally depend on your case. People have different teeth and jaw structure so it would be hard to recommend the best one. The best aligner or braces for me might not be the best for you. Get checked first if I were you.

Yeah, I guess there’s no best choice for anything. The last time I got checked by my dentist was a year ago. He said that I have severe crowding and suggested Invisalign.

Orthodontists have the say when it comes to alignment of our teeth so I trust them.

All aligners and braces will fix crowding. That’s the main problem that all of them fix.