When not to wear your aligners

Aside from removing your aligners when eating and brushing your teeth, are there other times when I shouldn’t be wearing my aligners? I play the flute almost everyday and I’m thinking that having aligners while playing my instrument might make the sound different. Should I remove it when I use my flute? I usually practice 2 to 3 hours a day.

I think you can still wear your aligners even if you play your flute. I believe it won’t change the sound because your aligners are tightly fitted on your teeth and gums.

You can still play your flute. But you’ll need to retrain you lips to direct the flow of air into the mouthpiece.
Just read this on an orthodontic website.

Playing a wind instrument while wearing your aligners isn’t much of a concern. You’ll need a short adjustment period when you play your flute.

It is actually easier to adapt to wearing your aligners while playing a wind instrument than when wearing conventional braces. It’s easier to adapt your lip to the aligners because there’s no bulk compared to having brackets when you have braces.

You should let your dentist to know how many hours you practice each day. If you practice for too long, it won’t be okay to remove your aligners because your treatment will be affected.

You will get used to the change and the more you practice, the quicker you will get used to it.

This is true. Even speaking with brackets is hard to get used too.

Even though I don’t play the flute, I believe singing is quite similar to your situation. I am a singer so I was also wondering if my aligner would affect my singing. So far, I am on my 2nd tray and I found that it doesn’t affect my singing at all. It was hard on the first weeks because it hurts like hell.

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Adjusting with playing the flute and singing are similar. So since @Izzy said that her aligners don’t affect her singing, I think playing a wind instrument can also be like that. Good luck @eizdayzk. :grinning:

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It took me a week at most to adjust to playing the flute with my aligners on. The first few days I keep on removing them because I can’t play properly. But after the 3rd day, I got through my practice without removing them. I’m glad I got aligners instead of braces. It will be a lot harder adjusting with those on.

Thank you! And thanks to all of the advices. :blush: Reading your replies made me push for aligners. It’s my second month now and I don’t regret choosing it.

So happy to hear that you adjusted well with your aligners. :grinning:

I’ve read on other forums that others suggested to not remove the aligners, at all. Even when eating. Not sure about that though. Personally I prefer to remove it because it’s painful to eat with those.