Treating Overbite

I’ve been looking at different aligners and after reading lots of pros and cons of each, I’m still not sure which provider can treat my problem best. I have a a deep bite. I guess that goes under overbite issue. Is it better to use braces, Invisalign or other aligners?

You’ll need to do the regular braces or Invisalign to treat bite issues especially overbite. Some aligners out now might not be able to correct your bite. They mainly correct mild crowding problems.

Overbites are usually a mix combination of teeth and jaw problems so it can be hard to treat in some cases. That’s why it’s important to have an orthodontist treat those types of problems.

I was also considering getting just the mail-in aligners but I’m now having second thoughts. I was told by my last dentist that I have crossbite on my molars.

Get either braces or Invisalign. It would help your jaw in case that’s one of the factors that caused your deep bite.

I’m sure braces can fix that crossbite. It can be covered by your insurance. I’m not sure if other aligners can treat that. Better to ask them first before having your decision.

Generally, problems concerning bites (underbite, crossbite, open bite) are best treated by licensed orthodontists.

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It’s also more expensive to have those types of problems to be treated.

I’m not that fond of the idea of having metal braces. It’s a pain to brush and maintain good oral hygiene. My brackets might always be dislodged because of the type of food I usually eat.