Teeth whitening with aligners

hi guys - how does teeth whitening work when you start your aligners course? do you get it with your aligners? thanks x

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There are a few aligner providers that offer free whitening with their treatment plans but normally you will need to visit one of their clinics in the UK to be shown how to apply it properly. If you order a home impression kit, you won’t normally receive the whitening.

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ok thanks very much. do you know if it costs more for the whitening and if you do it at the same time as having your aligners in?

Normally the whitening is free but you might have to pay extra in some cases. Many providers don’t offer it as an option at all.

You wouldn’t use it with your aligners in and you normally only use whitening product for a short period of time (e.g. 30 minutes), but this would all be explained to you when you visit the dental clinic.

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ok thanks very much. i’ll take a look and see what’s nearest to me as i really need to get rid of my ‘buttery’ teeth as well as get them straightened out! haha.

I’ve seent that Smile Direct Club do this but you have to go into one of their stores as a friend of mine did their home impression kit service and didn’t get it included.

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I didn’t know you could also have teeth whitening when you have aligners. I’d like to have whitening though I’m not sure if there’s a clinic near me.

Some providers of aligner offer free whitening. I had my whitening after my aligners treatment.

Only a few providers offer whitening with aligners. It would cost more of course.

You don’t need to add that much to get the whitening with your aligners.

I’m not sure if this will help but I saw this on youtube:

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Very informative. Thank you!

If you’d like to have your teeth whitened, it’s better to do it after your aligners or braces treatment.