Retainers after

Do I need to have retainers after my treatment with aligners? Are the retainers included in the package that will be sent to me? One reason why I chose aligners over braces is because of the short treatment time. I only have a minor problem on my front teeth that I want to get fixed. If my aligner treatment takes only 6 months, do I need to wear the retainer for 6 months too?

Whether you have braces or aligners, the only way to maintain your new smile is to wear a retainer. It won’t be too different than wearing your aligners. Eventually, you’ll only need to use it at night. Your retainers are important in your treatment because it prevents your teeth from shifting back.

Retainers are actually similar to aligners. Others say that the length of usage of retainers is the same as the length of your treatment time with aligners or braces.

The only way to maintain your results is to wear retainers. I know of someone who had his retainers for a longer time than his aligners. Ask your dental professional on how long they recommend for you to have your retainers.

Some dental professional recommend wearing the retainers for the rest of your life so the movement of teeth will be really limited. That’s why some people choose the permanent retainers which are cemented on the back of the teeth.

To prevent unnecessary movement of your teeth, I suggest just wearing retainers forever. I would do that because I’m afraid that my teeth will relapse.

Having your teeth straightened using braces or aligners is a lifetime commitment because, after the active phase of your treatment, you most likely would need to have retainers for life to prevent unwanted movement of your teeth.

Just like with regular braces, the end of your treatment doesn’t mean that your teeth will be perfectly straight for the rest of your life. You need the help of your retainer to “retain” your perfect teeth.

If you’re done with your treatment, you need to have another impression done on your teeth so they can have your mold so I think it is not included in the package. Maybe it depends if you chose a provider which offers the aligners with the retainers already.

Lot of people wearing aligners are eager to be done with their aligner. But the fact is retainers are just as important as the aligners. Once your teeth are straightened, they usually won’t stay that way on their own. They tend to go back to their previous position. That’s why you would need retainers - to “retain” the new position of your teeth.

Other companies provide your retainers after your aligners or braces. On your consultation, you should always ask what are the inclusions on their package. Others separate the payment for the retainers after your treatment.

Imagine wearing retainers for the rest of your life. My dentist also told me that the longer you had braces or aligners, the longer the time that your teeth will stabilize.

I guess that makes sense.

I know a lot of people who didn’t wear their retainers. They only wore it for a few months. That’s why some of their teeth moved again.

I, on the other hand, have a friend who only had her retainers for 2 years despite having her braces for 3 years. Her teeth still look amazing until now. So I guess it’s a case to case basis.

I agree with this. Others see retainers as an optional part of the treatment, but they don’t understand that it’s actually the most important part.

Although it’s nice to have permanent retainers, it’s harder to maintain good oral hygiene when you have them.

It’s definitely harder but the result will be more stable. All you have to do is floss regularly. Though a special floss should be used in cleaning when you have permanent retainers.

What floss is used for those with permanent retainers? Can’t you use the traditional one?