Replacement for lost trays

What happens if my teen daughter loses or breaks an aligner? Will all providers offer replacements?

Whichever provider you chose, you need to contact support of their company. A replacement tray will be at little or no cost to the patient (depends on which provider).

If your daughter loses an aligner, she may be able to move on to the next tray but it depends on her case. In some instances, you may need to purchase a replacement tray from your provider.

This article will help you answer that question.

But of course, the situation will depend on which provider you will choose. Each company has a different protocol if a patient lost their aligner trays.
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She basically have two options: she can go back to the aligners she’d worn right before the ones she lost or she can use trays that are next in line. It’s often advised to go back to the previous set of aligners to the teeth from drifting out of alignment. But if she’s already near the end of the two weeks she was supposed to wear the lost aligners for, she can move on to the next set.

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My dentist says when trays are lost you revert to the previous tray. Continuing to wear the old ones won’t hurt. Just plan to wear the next tray longer. I’ve tried using the next tray when I lost one of my trays a month ago and it hurt really really bad. I don’t want to experience that pain again. I know you don’t want that too.

Getting replacements can be too much of a hassle. Sometimes dentists would just suggest you to move on to the next tray instead of getting replacements.

Other orthodontist don’t recommend using trays from sets that you haven’t started yet, as this could cause problems with the treatment process.

Also, using trays that you haven’t started yet is extremely painful. :grimacing:

True that. Tried that before too because I lose one set of my trays.

Glad that I haven’t lost a tray yet :joy:

Thanks everyone for your answers. I contacted different providers so I know how they respond to problems that may happen when wearing their aligner. If I remember it right, all of them said that they will ask for a small fee if you’ll ask for a replacement.