Invisalign for quite crooked teeth

I’ve got quite crooked teeth especially at the top and have been looking into getting some braces or aligners. I spoke to my dentist and he said that they offer Invisalign but that it would cost around £4K!!!

Has anyone used Invisalign and how does it compare to the online braces/aligners you get? Do they work for teeth which are more than ‘moderately’ crowded?

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Invisalign is a treatment that is offered by specialists around the country but normally only from a physical clinic. So you’d need to visit each time but they are in principle, very similar to the likes of SmileDirect and other online providers.

Maybe other forums users can comment on how effective they are from their own experience.

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Thank you for your reply! Hoping others who’ve tried Invisalign might be able to give their opinions too :smiley:

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I also think I have moderately crowded teeth. I would also want to know the comparison among different providers.

In the Invisalign treatment, the dentist put attachments on the teeth that would help to move your teeth. I don’t think attachments are used when choosing other aligners. Ask your provider to confirm since I’m not sure of this.

My dentist suggested Invisalign to me, too!

The main difference between Invisalign and other online aligners is that with Invisalign you’ll be getting additional assessment before you get it. The dentist will be doing complete x-rays to see if you have bone disease that might make you not eligible for invisalign. They will also be giving a complete oral examination to check if you have gum disease that needs to be treated first.

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If your case is complicated, it’s better to have Invisalign because it what they call attachments and buttons that helps move your teeth easier and faster. They are invisible just like the aligners so you will barely notice that they are there.

Thank you for this information!

My friend had Invisalign. She finished her treatment just a year ago and her teeth are amazing. I can’t say personally how her experience was but when I asked her before, she said her treatment went smoothly and she didn’t have any problems.