Cost of treatment

What is the usual range of aligner treatment?

Money is quite tight right now because of the pandemic. I’ve been saving for my aligner treatment but a portion of it got spent on essentials when we had a lockdown so I’m not sure if I can still afford to have aligners.

The average cost is £1,300-£1,600. They have a guide on their main site regarding the commonly asked questions about the cost of aligner treatment.

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Most providers offer payment plans. You can pay monthly to make it more affordable. You should look at providers who offer this installment plans.

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Paying upfront makes the aligner cheaper compared to paying monthly but if you are on a tight budget you can choose the installment plan.

You can easily compare different providers with this table:

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They have this table on their main site. It includes the aligner cost and retainer cost.

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Providers offer different payment options. You can pay it in installment.

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I got mine for £1500.

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You shouldn’t be getting frugal when it comes to your health, and that it includes your oral health. I know there are lots of essentials that need to be bought especially this pandemic, but it is also important to always prioritize our health in general.


I believe some insurance covers aligner treatment. To be sure, ask your insurance provider directly.

My sister had hers through financing. It was expensive for our mother’s liking, but it was worth it because I can see a difference in her smile now.

I was lucky that my insurance covered orthodontic treatment. I thought I’ll be paying from my pocket but before my appointment, I asked my insurance and confirmed it was covered.

I was so unlucky because my insurance didn’t cover it. :pensive: I had to pay out of my pocket. It was worth it though. Felt confident smiling when I started seeing results. But because of the pandemic, with all the protocols requiring us to wear masks, I can’t really show off my new smile :grin: I guess I have to wait till the pandemic finishes.

It’s totally worth it. If you find the right provider for you, you won’t regret spending that money on your smile.

I agree. We should invest in our teeth :grin: You are most likely to reduce problems related to your overall health when you have a healthy smile and oral cavity…

It’s sad that other people prioritize material things over their oral health. They don’t know the truth that some diseases can be caused by an unhealthy oral cavity.

I certainly don’t regret the money I spent to fix my teeth. Highly recommended :+1:

Me too. When you see the difference that it makes, you won’t regret the money you spent. It will help with your confidence and I was told that having straight teeth will make it easier for you to brush your teeth. My dentist said that having crowded teeth is sometimes the reason why others can’t clean their teeth properly. The crowded portions are hard areas to be reached by a toothbrush.

I had cavities on areas where I had moderate to severe crowding so I could test to this. Before I had my aligners, I had 10 cavities that need to be filled.

Thank you for this link. Helped me a lot!