Changing aligners early

Hi all - I took the plunge and ordered aligners and I wondered if anyone has changed their aligners earlier than after a week? I know 6 months it’s already a short time to straighten teeth but as an inpatient person I wanted to see if anyone had swapped their trays like a day or two before scheduled?

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I wouldn’t risk it. Maybe a day earlier here and there but you’re moving your actual bones so you don’t want anything to go wrong! But I could be wrong. 1 week does seem to be a fairly arbitrary length of time. But I guess that’s what they have to say as it’s an at home treatment. I’d stick with what they say. Who are you with?

You should follow the recommendation of your provider. Your teeth might not yet be ready when you change your aligners earlier than recommended. It might also be more painful.

It would be best to follow the time advised by the provider. Wearing it an earlier time might make it more painful because it means your teeth aren’t stable enough yet to be ready for the net set of aligners.

Always follow your provider’s instructions. If you have any concerns or doubts, it would be best to ask your provider first before doing it.

Usually, you need to change your aligners after 2 weeks. I’m not sure with other providers if it’s the same thing. Waiting for a one or two days before changing is not that long so I suggest you just wait for your scheduled new set.

Aligners are generally changed every two weeks so just be patient. Don’t worry. You’ll see the results soon.

Be patient dear. :grinning:

You may change your aligners on a more frequent basis if your doctor recommends that you do so. Switching too early can cause the aligners to not track on the teeth and may increase the treatment time.

They advise against changing earlier than 2 weeks. It’s not worth the risk to shorten further in my opinion.

Why would you want to do that? It’s not good for the straightening process of your teeth. Just do it the correct way so you can get the best possible results. It can be harmful to your teeth and jaws if you force it to move at a faster rate.

Don’t do it. Your teeth are probably still moving and adjusting so wait for your schedule. Give your teeth time to settle into its new position before moving to another tray and moving the teeth again.

Forcing your teeth to move aggressively can cause the root of your tooth to be damaged and would make your teeth looser. Your gums would also be affected and cause gum recession.

I really don’t get why people try to hasten the process when 6 months of treatment is already a short time for straightening teeth.

It’s true. My friend tried to do this to speed up the process. She ended up having a root canal on her front tooth. Not worth it.

My dentist also told me this. Putting too much force on a tooth to make it move faster can damage the tooth.

Too much pressure applied on a tooth can make it necrotic, meaning the pulp inside your teeth dies. Basically, it means your teeth will die. Hastening the process by applying more force can cause necrosis.

Sadly, most people tend to expect instant results.

Instant results usually mean that it’s too good to be true.

There’s actually an orthodontic appliance that can also have results after 6 months only. I also heard from my dentist before that it is usually an option for brides or grooms who want to have instant result before their wedding.