Black triangles?

Has anyone that has done an aligner treatment experienced black triangles after they finished?

I’m worried that these might come up on mine but not sure if I’m worrying over nothing.

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Hi @Jamie95

For anyone that doesn’t know, black triangles are the small gaps that can sometimes form between your gum line and teeth, often in the shape of a triangle. (They appear dark/black simply because there isn’t any light in your mouth). Their official name is open gingival embrasures.

Often you’ll be able to see if these are likely to come up in your final alignment by looking at the 3D visual that your provider gives you at the start of treatment.

If you do have them at the end of treatment, you could potentially ask your provider to see if there is any further alignment they can do to reduce the appearance of the black triangles. If not, you could approach your dentist and ask them to do some bonding work on the gap. Bonding is generally quite inexpensive and works well.

There are other alternatives too, but it’s probably best you wait until your treatment is over and have made sure that your aligner provider has refined the alignment treatment as much as possible. Then you can start to explore routes to correct the black triangles.

Often these triangles aren’t seen, because your lips cover them when you smile!

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I think these “black triangles” are not a common problem when it comes to aligner treatment. In case it happens, you can consult a dental professional on what treatment you can get.

People I know who had their aligner treatment didn’t have those “back triangles,” so I don’t think it wouldn’t be a problem.

I didn’t have those black triangles after I completed my treatment.

Those black triangles might be caused by gum disease. Since when a person has gum disease, his or her gum line recedes.

I just started mine and so far I don’t see any black triangles.

In case you experience this, you have to let a dental professional check on that. This can be a sign of receding gums which is usually the first sign of periodontitis.

So far I don’t see any black triangles on my wife’s dentition.

I’ve seen this on youtube. It answers all questions about those black triangles after braces or aligners.


Informative video. Thank you for sharing!

Great video. There were other videos from that dentist that are really educational.

Yeah, I’ve been watching more dental videos since I started my aligner journey. I didn’t get to ask my dentist so that’s why I’m searching for everything on the internet. But I know my dentist is still the best source.

Since watching this video, I subscribed to the channel because the dentist discusses everything related to braces or aligners. But mostly, his videos are about braces.

This has been a lot of help. I went through the dentist’s other videos and made me understand more about the process of alignment of having braces/aligners.