Aligner top 5 must haves!

Hello everyone!

We’ve just published a new guide on the site! It’s well worth checking out if you’re about to start your aligner journey or you already have.

It covers the top 5 products that are worth buying if you have clear teeth aligners - read it here.

Let us know your comments either on the guide or here on the forums. We’d love to know who else has tried the strawberry or mint flavoured chewies! :wink:

Aligners UK Team


The strawberry chewies look good haha! Need to try those!

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Has anyone used the retainer cleaner stuff?? Mine are a pain to clean I find.

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Hi @Jamie95

Welcome to the forums!

The retainer cleaner is quite effective and is an easier option than conventional cleaning methods for your aligners/retainers.


I don’t have an aligner yet but I’m preparing so when it comes, I won’t have any problem. Will definitely buy those products.

Is an electric toothbrush more effective in brushing aligners? I always use a soft-bristled brush and it removes the dirt very well.

I wish I read this before I had my aligners.

I’ve read that some people prefer electric toothbrushes for their aligners. But I personally use the ordinary soft-bristled toothbrush. It’s easier for me to control the force and movement in removing debris on my aligners. If you are more comfortable using an electric one, you can do it as long as you are removing the dirt or any food particle.

I also think soft-bristled brushes are the best to remove debris. I don’t have any trouble using it on my aligners.

Using an electric toothbrush made my oral hygiene better. It made brushing my teeth fun and stimulating. I read somewhere that the vibrations stimulate blood circulation on your gums.