Aligner process

What is the treatment process of aligners? After having a consultation with the provider, what are the next steps?

Usually after the consultation, you’ll need to have an impression of your teeth using a molding material I believe is called alginate. With the formed mold of your teeth, your provider will be making an aligner every few weeks that gradually will move your teeth to the desired position.

You can have your impression taken and they’ll be making a mold of your teeth. They will be making your aligners from that and just wait for your first set of aligners.

Once you get your aligners, you usually swap it out about every two weeks. So you’ll be receiving a new set every 2 weeks. The small progress will accumulate and you’ll see at the end that your smile is very different from before.

An impression will be made using a rubber-like material. The clear aligners are molded from your teeth impressions. Then, you can get your aligners already. If you choose Invisalign, before they take your impression, they will take a series of radiograph to look at the condition of your bone and teeth.

I got mine immediately after the consultation.

You can already have your aligners in a day or two I think.

  1. Consultation
  2. Taking impression for the mold of your teeth
  3. Designing your new smile
  4. Making your 1st aligner
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You can have it done after consultation. They will discuss how your teeth will look after your treatment. And if you approve, they can start making your first set of aligners.

I received my aligners a month after my scan.

If you chose Invisalign, they’ll be getting a scan of your teeth and x-rays in the clinic. An appointment will be made for your attachments which are buttons that will be cemented on some of your teeth to help with the movement of your teeth. Then after a few days or weeks, your Invisalign will be given to you.

If you chose other aligners, they’ll first get an impression of your teeth using a rubbery-like or gum-like material. With the mold of your top and bottom teeth, they will design your smile and make your trays. It can be a month before you receive your trays.

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That’s fast if they can finish it after a day. It might depend on how many clients they have. I thought 1 month is the fastest they can give your trays.

Completely depends on how booked up your dentist or company is. Mine is always fully booked. She said that it can take up to 3 weeks to have the trays made and shipped.

One day is really fast for having your aligners.

Other providers might finish it after a day if they don’t have many clients or patients. From all the experiences of people I know, the average was 1 month.

I was supposed to say a week or two :sweat_smile: But it usually takes more than 2 weeks.

This was very helpful. Because of all your replies, I knew what to expect after I had my consultation.
Btw, I received my trays after 3 weeks. My dentist said that I would receive them after 2 weeks. But due to the pandemic, delivery got delayed.

The “small” progress with every set of aligners aren’t small at all. They are very noticeable. I didn’t tell my family that I have an aligner to fix my crooked teeth. The first time I met them this December, they all noticed that I have straighter teeth and better smile. I’m not even halfway through my 20 sets of aligners, but I can see how it already transformed my smile. :smiley:

3 weeks seems to be fast considering there’s a pandemic.

3 weeks is not too bad. Others received their aligners after more than a month.