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Is aligner treatment for me?

I am an adult and I’ve always been conscious of my smile. When I laugh I always cover my mouth because I have badly crooked teeth. Braces have been the more popular option before and I didn’t want to have metal brackets and wire so I didn’t continue with that treatment. Now that there’s an option for clear aligners, I really want to have straight teeth. I’m only worried because I’m not sure if adults are qualified for this treatment.

Aligners can straighten teeth for both adults and teens, as long as they have their permanent teeth already. It is never too late to have perfect teeth. Your treatment would just depend on the complexity of your case.

Older people tend to have a denser bone so they might have a longer treatment time compared to younger people. Older age isn’t a contraindication for aligners. You can be qualified depending on the complexity of your case.

My dentist told me that aligners can work on any patient depending on the case. They would need to check on different factors before they can decide if you are eligible for aligners treatment.

How old are you Harper? I had mine when I was 35 years old and it transformed my smile. I still have one set of aligners left then I’m done. I’m so happy how my teeth looks now. You are not too old to have your teeth fixed. :slight_smile:

Teenagers or adults can get aligner treatment. There will only be difference when it comes to your length of treatment depending on your bone density and complexity of your case.

Adults and teenagers have different needs because their jaws and teeth are in different stages of growth. Both are eligible for aligners depending on each person’s case.

You said the same thing with MarkRay, that it depends on the complexity of my case.
It’s interesting to hear about the density of bone. I guess it makes sense.

I’m so happy to hear that your smile has transformed already. :grinning: I hope I can get my improved smile soon.

Thank you! A user named Linda already told me about bone density.

If only we had money to get aligners or braces when I was younger, I might have my desired smile today. I heard that younger people tend to have a faster treatment time because their jaws aren’t fully developed yet and their bone isn’t that dense.

You are totally qualified. Adults can have their teeth straightened too. Aligners are the best option if you are not a fan of having metal brackets and wire on your teeth.

People tend to have the notion that only young people can get aligners and braces. With the right treatment plan and professional help, anyone can have their teeth fixed.

Some 50 to 60-year-old adults also have aligners and had great results.

Yes, as long as there are teeth left. :smile:

That’s true. There’s no age limit for aligners, as long as a person’s gums and teeth are still healthy.

I had the same experience. I really wanted to have braces when I was a teenager but my parents couldn’t afford it yet.

Yeah. Only a few of my friends too can afford braces at that time. So lucky that they had the money because it would be ideal to have your teeth fixed when you’re just a teenager comparing when you are an adult already.

Whether your teeth were fixed while you were still a teenager or an adult, I am happy that you got to prioritize your oral health now. :blush: